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Application Template
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Welcome to The Flaming Ruby forums!

We encourage potential applicants to read the Public Charter and Recruitment Status threads before writing anything, so that you may find out a little about how we operate as a guild and what we are seeking before committing yourself.

If you wish to apply to join The Flaming Ruby, please use the following application template. If you want to join as a social member you do not need to answer the raid related questions.

Social applicants will need at least one in-guild recommendation to be considered.

You are welcome to recolour and reformat the template, but please be considerate of your colour choices. A wall of brain-scrambling neon text might not go down too well.

Lastly, please don't be disheartened if we don't immediately respond to an application, the input of multiple officers is required before a decision is made. No applicant is ignored or overlooked.

Good luck!


<Name> - <Spec> <Class>
(For example: Emelia - Shadow Priest)


1. What is your character name, class, spec(s) and, if other than Argent Dawn, your realm? Please provide a link to your Armory profile.

2. What are your character's professions and at what level are they?

3. What motivates you to play your class? Do you have any significant alts?

4. Tell us about your real-self. How old are you and where are you from? Feel free to elaborate as you see fit.

The Flaming Ruby

5. Who, if anyone, do you know within <The Flaming Ruby>? How do you know them?

6. If you don't know anyone here, how did you find out about us?

7. What are your reasons for wanting to join <The Flaming Ruby> and what do you expect of us as a guild?

8. What can you bring to the guild and why should we recruit you?

Guild History

9. Which previous guilds or communities have you been a member of? Why did you leave those groups?

10. Have you held any prior responsibilities in former guilds/communities? If so, what?

11. Do you have any aspirations towards holding a position of responsibility in a guild, or do you prefer to follow suit?


12. What is your previous raid experience and with whom did you raid?

13. How does your playtime fit with our raid schedule?

14. Will you be able to use Teamspeak voice communication during raids and will you be able to speak?

15. Tell us about your gearing strategies.

16. Which is your favorite boss fight and why?

17. Are you one of the best players of your Class? Do you strive to improve all the time and recognize that tools such as Recount and World of Logs can be useful but so too can just asking for help from your peers?


If there is anything else you would like us to know about yourself, feel free to do so here.

Aka Caelestes
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